I plan, tinker, design for tech companies with ambiguous challenges and ambitious goals. I am a Product Developer for hardware and software products; I balance business, design and engineering to create real solutions.

Fitment by Glossbird

Founder of Glossbird, a games company creating impactful games to improve people's lives.


Design and build automated cargo area and sensor packaging to be used as a show car/development platform.


Design and DFM on tight schedule to ship product.

Coral Labs

Iterative design and rapid prototyping to create final showcased prototype.

Technical Lead for successful white-board-sketch to a mass produced consumer electronic in less than a year.

A³ by Airbus

The challenge: creating a structurally representative cabin to be hot-swapped in a plane in less than an hour.

Understanding the end user to create an easier to store wheelchair while staying within the client spec.

Ludum Dare 48

72 hours solo to create a game from scratch for the "Deeper" theme featuring pixel art.